Founders and Co-Chairs of Foundation “Boris Christoff” are Boiko Zvetanov, Stoyan Bonchev and Nikolay Angelov. The core mission of Foundation “Boris Christoff” is to preserve and promote the artistic heritage of Boris Christoff, as well as to support and stimulate the development of the arts of opera as a whole.

Part of the implementation of this mission is the discovering and supporting young opera talents, as well as doing anything needed for the development of the international cooperation in the field of music creativity, arts of performing and concert activity.

The Foundation is organizing and hosting concerts, master classes, donation campaigns and seminars, furthermore it renders assistance for the presentation and realization of Bulgarian artists in the country and abroad. Foundation “Boris Christoff” keeps relations of beneficial cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations, with other foundations, international clubs and associations with similar objectives.

On May 18th Foundation “Boris Christoff” jointly with prof. Georgi Chapkunov, donated a unique sculpture of Boris Hristov to the Ministry of Defense in Republic of Bulgaria, made by Prof. Chapkunov especially for the celebration of the 100th anniversary from the birth of the great basso. The genius of Georgi Chapkunov sensed and recreated in a magical and unique way the genius Boris Hristov!

This donation was made with a proposal regarding the future name of hall “Musical” in the Central Military Club to bear the name Boris Christoff!













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